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Once upon a time, there was a loving mother with two little boys, she loved them preciously. This loving mother was a great Vietnamese cook, her life revolved around her two boys making sure they were well fed and nurtured to be intelligent good gentlemen. She did what every other mother would do for her children, everything.

Through her own spiritual journey she decided that she had to change to a vegetarian diet. Every day she would cook herself a nourishing vegetarian meal and then a meat based meal for her family. These two little boys were her life and they too loved their mother dearly. So one day her two little boys decided that it would be easier on their mother if they just changed to vegetarians as well. The early days of being a vegetarian was very tough of the two boys, soy milk was terrible, food tasted like cardboard, and the two boys hated eating vegetables. The two boys wanted to eat real food again.

“Mum I can’t continue being a vegetarian eating cardboard, I want yummy Vietnamese food again!”

The loving mother sprung into action and began to creatively think about the food she cooked for her two little boys. The loving mother’s determination and creativity in her vegetarian creations kept her boys happy, she spoiled them with the best vegetarian food. Her love turned her boys into two fat little boys.

The day had come where her two fat little boys had grown up to become gentlemen. The loving mother’s duties were over, she no longer had anybody to care for and appreciate her cooking.

With her spiritual practice and Master Ching Hai’s teachings, she realised that her love was needed by the world. She opened up her vegetarian restaurant formerly known as “Colours of Love” to Loving Hut for vegans and vegetarians that find it tough with food choices and creativity.

This menu and the large selection of vegan choices is this loving mother’s continued life’s work and love to show that being vegan or a vegetarian isn’t hard work, it is simply normal.

If there are any enquiries in regards to our services and food, feel free to contact us!

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